Sunday, March 22, 2009

Building a Spray Booth

First I built the "Booth" out of cheap MDF wood 600 x 600 mm square with a hole in the top towards the rear for the exhaust fan.The exhaust fan and vent kit.
I then installed the prewired 16w fluro light on to the front skirting board then screwed the board into place.

I then mounted the fan unit.
I got some sticky velcro dots to hold the prefilter over the vents face plate.
It may not be pretty but it does the job and cost about $125 to build.

Monday, March 9, 2009


While I wait for construction to begin I have been detailing and weathering some of my models to enhance their overall apperance. The boxcar above has recieved a little bit of dust and grime around the wheels and a spray of dullcoat.
This G.N hopper car has got some spill stains added to the roof and sides and a spray all over with dullcoat.
This well car has recieved some graffiti decals and some dullcoat.
I wanted to have a milatary train for a while now but suitable modes are hard to find and expensive. On a trip to Thailand I found many of these models by Dragon from their pocket army series. The two above are Bradley I.F.V's and cost 45 Baht each.
Same wagon but this time two M.R.L.S in desert comoflage.
A Abrams tank on a flatcar, I know that a more prototypical situation would be two such tanks on a DODX six axle flat but they are a bit hard to come by. I think overall that when at war the army will use any wagons avaliabe to transport equipment.
A Kato SD45 with plough,hoses, sideshades and decals added poses, I love the way these things run like a Swiss watch.
Last but not least a bulkhead flatcar with a plate steel load and weathered.