Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Helix Part 5

Second level is up and so are all the supports 

To get the spacing right I made a jig out of a block of wood to get the angle of the supports right.

I hold the brace in place with a clamp and drill the holes for the screws.

 I pushed the helix back in place to test that the levels are correct and make the top level junction to the staging yard.
 The support where the last section is going through is where the helix reaches the top level.

 Guess what some wanker put the support bench 65mm too low so I will have to put the helix on some blocks so the levels are ok.
The staging junction is made from 12mm ply and cut to allow trains on the helix to clear the top level and I used a router to cut a slot for the helix spiral.

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