Sunday, May 20, 2012

Helix Pt6

The junction for the staging yard at the top of the helix is in place and there is enough clearance for the tallest rolling stock.

I have also started the section around to the top level of the layout from the helix but will not complete it until the bench work for the rest of the layout is completed. So at this point the helix is about 95% complete.
I have started on the bench work on the layout again using 12mm ply for the decks and 7mm MDF for the staging yard. The decks will be ply due to the risk of the MDF absorbing water and swelling when the scenery is added. I was also playing around with the lights to test the gloss white paint on the bottom of the top deck.

The staging yard build is 95% complete I will finish it when the track is put down, I put down some track and tested the length of train I could put there. Twenty eight atlas coal wagons and two locos was the count which has made me consider bringing the staging around onto the layout proper to lengthen the trains, it always looks bigger on paper!

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