Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lower the Drawbridge

After a summer break I am back into the layout room and starting to figure out what will go where on the top deck of the layout. Although the bench work is not finished I need to pull the lead out and get a plan together because I can't complete it until I put a set of points in place that will be more difficult to reach if the bench work is finished. I have also been doing the drawbridges to link the levels together.

 I put some edges on the top of the helix leading to the drawbridge to prevent derailments hitting the floor.

 The outside track on the helix will cross on the bottom level and I have added a section to carry it.
 The drawbridges are made with 12mm plywood and braced with 20 x 40 mm timber to stop them bending,            they also act as guides then lowered.

As a bonus here are some videos I shot while on a rail fanning trip to the north of the state.