Saturday, January 9, 2010

N scale digger and crane (nearly)

On a recent trip to Rocky (Rockhampton for all you non Queenslanders) I spotted these models in 1/150 scale in one of the cabinets of the Capricorn Model House, for such a small scale they have great detail and just look at the cabs. The first one is a Komatsu excavator that is fully adjustable and has two sets of rams (one long, one short) for different boom heights. The image below has the short rams attached an as you can see looks great on the flat wagon.

The photo below is the self propelled crane that comes in two separate configurations I chose the one with the extended boom the other model has the boom retracted.

This is the box the models are packed in, the one catch is you don't know which model you have until you open the box.

Ok here it is with the boom assembled you even get a little red hook if you want to string up a load, for a height comparison I have added a Walthers grain silo. I love this model its bloody awesome.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Track Plan Top Level

I have got around to sorting the top level out, it will be 43cm wide for the entire length with a 120cm wide perninsula in the middle of the room. Once around that the line heads to the helix down to the lower level. The line up will join the top level on the left of the entry so I will need two lift sections (top and bottom levels) to get trains across the gap.
Due to the construction method there wont be many large geographical features on the top deck, I will leave that for the bottom deck where I have more room to play with. The track plan will be developed when I draw in the supports under the deck. I could have used more of the space for the layout but I wanted plenty of room for people to operate the layout.