Sunday, October 14, 2012

More Lights

I have been busy doing other things in recent weeks including a week end trip to Bundaberg and while there I checked out the local model rail group. The groups shed is located in the south east corner of the show grounds with access via Kensington St, and meets on Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons. The club has two Ho scale layouts and two medium sized N scale layouts, sadly no N scale people were there during my visit.
I didn't manage to get any photos because I had Alisha with me and she was being difficult to say the least. If you do a web search you may find out some more but I don't think they have a web site. I also went to the Sydney model train show and was glad it wasn't the only reason for the trip because I would have been very upset if it was. It is a reflection of the Brisbane show and it's gradual decline. There were some positives but not many and it makes me question the future of shows but not the hobby.

Test fitting the valance made of 6mm MDF, I screwed it in place and filled the holes.

Before fitting the valance I painted the blind side with a coat of gloss white.
To make a better joint I trimmed back 3mm of each valance panel end so they will overlap
leaving only a small gap to fill and when painted you will not even see them.
I gave the MDF two coats of acrylic paint to seal it from moisture but I am not sure what
color the final coat will be.
With no cross supports to get in the way the lower deck lights were easy to mount.

The bottom level lights are almost finished and the top valance is up and painted.
After a Kato loco took a dive off the helix I decided to fix a barrier to prevent  it happening again.

This corner is the hold up at the moment I have to finish the helix before I can complete the bench work in front of it.

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