Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More Lower Bench Work and Helix Rework

Welcome to my little prison, as mentioned in the previous post I have decided to add staging to the lower deck and return loop to allow trains access to the upper and lower yards without returning to the layout when I attempt to run an operations session on it. The one thing I did right was make the helix wide enough to have three tracks if needed and this has allowed me to make the change and big enough for me to sit in and lay most of the track.
The new points and track at the top of the Helix this middle track will be isolated at each end and fitted with a DCC reversing module to allow trains to switch direction and the section will be long enoug that the train will not be able to cross both gaps at the same time which from all I have read is very important for a reversing section .
I have soldered feeders to the end of the lower staging yard and isolated the last section of flex track for each of the roads becuase I want to install a cut off switch to prevent trains over running the yard. Once the wiring is finished I will put up some skirting to prevent equipment from doing a dive to the floor.
Quick and easy horrizontal wiring of feeders.

Lower level deck on the right is finished and the skirting is up.

I will cut out the river crossing skirting once I decide on the width.
Lower level crossing loop.

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