Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Plan and Benchwork Started

G'day all I am pleased to announce that the bench work is finally underway and I have modified the plan to suit the space better. I decided not to finish off the room completely yet due to access and mess issues while the bench work is under construction.

As you can see it is a bit different from the other plan but much testing has been done to arrive at this design. The deck width has been reduced to 400mm for ease of construction as well as less weight on the horizontal supports that appear as red on the plan.
The helix has been increased in size as well as the bottom edge being shortened.

The plan above is for the short section that will feature a tall trestle bridge for which I have measured and lowered the middle two supports for. I also modified the support and deck heights as I went, hopefully it will not turnaround and bite me on the bum.

The rear supports are made from two 70x19x1800 mm lengths of timber glued and screwed together to form a strong support. The block at the base is for the adjustable height fittings.

This is a shot of one of the two middle supports for the middle section, initially I did not plan to add lighting to the to section but I fund a cheap light weight solution so I added supports for a valance.

This shot shows how I attached the supports for the deck and valance, to minimise movement I used a router too notch the vertical supports for the horizontal ones.
I first used liquid nails and clamps to fix them in place and make sure they were square before letting them dry over night and put in some screws the next day.

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