Friday, July 22, 2011

First Benchwork

Looking at the production line for the supports you can see the ones I have cut the slots for the supports on the left in the forground. The ones behind are just glued and screwed and have the support block for the bolt. One thing I will do differently will be to paint the supports before fixing them in place, It wasn't an issue on the first section because I could move it and lay it down.

A close up of the support bolts.

I have decided to paint the benchwork with an acrlic paint to seal it fron moisture.

The end section almost as I planned it, I will add the support for the facia on the second and third leves when the other sides are inplace.


Tenshodoman said...

Hi John

I noticed you have left the Tilta Door in place in your garage. I am in the process of building a 3 car garage for my planned N Scale model railroad and was woried that a conventional gargage door might let in dust/moisture etc. Have you had any problems in that regard?



John said...

To be honest not really because the prevailing winds come from the opposite direction, but if it did become an issue I was planning to plug up the gaps some how until I got the money to replace it.